Residential Plumbing Business Systems Deliverables

Residential Plumbing Business Systems Deliverables

Depending on the Ready-Built Plumbing residential program package you selected, we offer up to 32 online courses carefully prepared to reflect the breadth of service, installation, human resource management and financial management departments and their associated proven operating methods, processes and forms. This program is based on extensive research of known best-practices which are proven to help our clients to:

  • Close service agreements on 8 out of 10 service calls.
  • Convert 2 out of 10 service calls into quoted jobs.
  • Convert 8 out of 10 catastrophic repairs into replacements.
  • Increase by 65% or more the billable hours per call.

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Depending on the residential program package selected, within 6 weeks of enrollment registered owners and their staff can have the complete set-up and implementation of:

Retail Residential Service & Installation Department: (DELIVERABLES)

  • A dealer brand website with built-in SEO.
  • Award winning flat-rate service repair and installation pricing guides.
  • Flat-rate invoice, service agreement and installation proposal/agreement templates, each ready for your logo.
  • Proven service agreement program.
  • Professional service call and sales call handling processes and forms that systematically harvest more opportunities on all calls.
  • Library of powerful Plumbing Tune-Up and replacement post cards, ads, and direct mail campaigns.
  • Demand service, service agreement, and installation work delivery standards.
  • Training material handouts, tools and implementation support resources.
  • Dispatcher service call handling communication guide.
  • Technician service call handling communication guide.
  • Invoice and proposal templates that include best-practice liability & payment protection terms and conditions.
  • Incentive plan to pay technicians for profits.
  • Incentive plan to pay sales reps/selling technicians for profits.

Human Resource Management Department: (DELIVERABLES)

  • Complete set of performance-based job descriptions and evaluations.
  • Employee handbook template.
  • Recruiting, hiring, training, staffing, and deployment procedures.

Financial Management Department: (DELIVERABLES)

  • Our BudgetPro financial budget and labor forecasting program.
  • On-going business evaluation and improvement plans.
  • Inventory control written standard procedures and forms.
  • A complete set of collections & accounts receivable procedures and forms.
  • Unlimited access to expert consulting and process implementation support.