Fix-Right Flat Rate Plumbing Service Repair Price Guide

Immediately Increase Profitability

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To review the Example Price Guide, the User Guide, or to order, simply click on the respective thumbnail below. Complete the 1-page Fix-Right Order Form and fax it back to our secure eFax number located at the bottom of the order form. Once your order is received and processed then you will receive your price guide as a PDF format file to download. If you have questions give us a call at 800-240-2823.

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Fix-Right Flat Rate Repair Price Guide Packages & Pricing

  • Fix-Right repair price guide is only $50 per month, 12-month subscription.
  • Note: The Fix-Right Repair Guide is included FREE in the Ready-Built Plumbing residential packages, along with an accounting system upload file.

Fix-Right Flat Rate Pricing Business Benefits

  • Consumers expect to be provided with a fair and upfront, guaranteed fixed price. Flat rate price guides meet these expectations.
  • When the customer gets to choose to proceed with a repair with a guaranteed fixed price and an accurate description of work they tend:
    • To be more satisfied that they got value for their money.
    • To gladly pay for the work.
  • Helps techs eliminate “the price is too high” complaint by providing an itemized repair price.
  • Helps you to easily increase profitability by being able to charge a fair price.
  • Improved professional image:
    • Provides the technician/comfort advisor with professional pricing explanations.
    • Provides the customer with an authoritative national pricing standard.
  • Enables you to price service work at higher margins in order to be profitable without alienating your customers.
  • When you quote out of a price guide, the math is already done and the proper spelling is right in front of you. 

Key Features of the Fix-Right Flat Rate Repair Price Guide

  • Includes 99.9% of all common repairs.
  • Upfront pricing customized to your business overhead and profit requirements.
  • To reduce your print production cost per price book, the 116-page book can be printed double-sided with a color cover and black & white content.
  • Designed to help you systematically close more service agreements on all service and repair calls.
  • Each repair diagram explains to your customer what caused the failure, what the Fix-Right solution is, and how they can protect against future repairs with a service agreement.
  • Includes a Miscellaneous Unclassified pricing section to enable quoting for any system fix or modification work per your needed labor and material requirements.
  • We maintain the price book cost databases for you.
  • Price book is sent from our account (formerly as a PDF format file to download.
  • You can print as many books as required at no extra cost.
  • You can make unlimited changes to prices.
  • Includes technician user training on how to properly price repairs per industry best-practice standards to increase the average ticket price on all service calls.